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July 19, 2019

On the spiritual path, it is highly advisable to never lose an opportunity to get rid of a concept that is optional or limiting in any way. The less concepts we give value to, the better. Most of the concepts we carry in our minds come from others, or are generated from fear, limiting beliefs, and low self-worth. The more concepts we get rid of, the freer we are to truly live our lives, and fully express who we are in everything we do, in the most authentic way. Bonus: we are more and more in sync with the Universe and move closer to Self-Realization!

Initially our minds are cluttered with concepts of all variety: useful, beneficial, detrimental, irrelevant, conducive to growth and happiness, and even to suffering. But they all have an expiration date. Gradually we can keep and make use of only those concepts that are best for us, relevant. Then comes the time to rid ourselves of these concepts as well and to live from a place of total harmony with the Universe.


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