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Public Speaking

Arun Gowri has vast experience in public speaking giving lectures and conducting workshops over many years. Drawing from his work in health and healing, spirituality, business, yoga, stress management, and various other
fields, Arun is informative and engaging, at ease in corporate and private settings. Passionate about the realization of human potential, he always structures his lectures and workshops to invite audience interaction
and participation, offering practical true and tested methods, tips and advice for advancement. Arun is also often invited to speak in private homes to smaller groups.

Customized lectures and workshops can be conducted based on specific requests and requirements.

Some Lecture Topics

Stress Management
Holistic Health & Wellbeing

Fundamentals of Spirituality
Spirituality & Everyday Life
Living Your Life's Purpose – Being You
Karma, Destiny & Free Will
The Human Energy Field & Chakras
The Energy System of the Universe & The Individual
Grief & Loss – A Spiritual Approach
The Basics of Tantra
Sacred Sexuality & Tantra
Death, the Afterlife & Rebirth
Spirituality at the Workplace

The Basis of Yoga (for Beginners)
The Basis of Yoga (for Yoga Teachers & Advanced students)

The Holistic Business Model (Spirituality in Business)

Some Workshops

Stress Management
Living a Complete Life
Beginning Your Spiritual Life
Happy Seniors

For bookings and more information, please email

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