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Therapeutic Yoga

Arun has studied different schools of Yoga from India which include a synthesis of the ancient discipline coupled with present-day scientific research. Combining the best elements of each school, Yoga works very well as a complementary form of healing of most diseases and ailments.


Yoga over the centuries has slowly made its way to all parts of the world. It has been used for many, many years to optimize one’s health, well being and spiritual development. More recently, therapeutic applications of yoga have been explored scientifically. Yoga has been found to be extremely beneficial for most diseases and ailments.


A much misunderstood discipline, yoga does not include religious rituals and is not just about physical fitness and relaxation. The physical component of yoga exercises and postures greatly enhances the functioning of all parts of the body both externally and internally. Regular practice of yoga optimizes all physiological processes such as digestion and respiration, while simultaneously calming the mind and alleviating stress. Even more impressive, many mental aberrations such as depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, to name a few, respond very positively to the different components of yoga.


Arun has trained in different types, or schools, of yoga allowing him to utilize the best of each in a manner most suitable to his clients' needs. Routines are customized for individual needs drawing from the following components of yoga:

     • Asanas (Postures)

     • Breathing techniques (including Pranayama)

     • Mudras (finger positions)

     • Meditation

This potent combination of effects greatly enhances one’s quality of life, and helps tremendously in healing diseases and ailments, and in spiritual development. It also works well to reduce the effects of aging and helps significantly with enhancing one’s mental capabilities. Yoga therapy is provided by Arun on an individual basis and in select group settings.

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