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Energy Healing

Born with sensitivity to energy, Arun works with his clients to provide great relief and healing with a wide range of ailments and diseases, physical and mental/emotional.


Known variously as Prana, Chi, Ki, Ruah, etc., there exists a distinct type of intelligent energy in and around all living beings. Ancient and contemporary practices ranging from Yoga to Acupuncture utilize this energy effectively for relief and healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.


Energy Healing has been found to be effective for all types of health problems. It works extremely well in conjunction with standard medical practices.


In addition to individual treatments, patients are taught self-healing techniques to practice on a daily or as needed basis. These simple practices help patients to manage and continue to enhance their individual healing.


Energy healing has also been found to very effective with addiction problems, trauma (including post traumatic stress disorder), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, pre- and post- surgery, fertility and pregnancy issues, to name just a few of the conditions Arun has successfully treated over the years. This mode of healing is *not* dependent on faith.


A photograph of the energy surrounding the human body (including the chakras).

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