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August 15, 2019

Pain exaggerates, amplifies, magnifies or it trivializes, hides, suppresses; distortion dominates. Either is a state of imbalance, and the middle part, from where we can see both polarities, is where healing occurs. At the same time, all pain is a signal pointing to our unlimited nature. Pain can only occur from our human limitedness, never from the Divine essence of who We are. So who are you at this moment? Who is experiencing this moment?


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August 4, 2021

Each interaction and relationship is a partnership; a partnership to experience each other and what the Universe has to offer. Together we co-manifest each other’s presence in our lives and experience

March 17, 2021

It takes immense courage to be on the spiritual path. Courage to persevere, to question everything, to reject no one, to ask why one has attracted whatever shows up (and to take responsibility for it)


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