Frequently Asked Questions


What does a healing session entail?

Most healing sessions are made up of a combination of Life Coaching, Energy Healing, plus following up on  changes from the previous sessions, current issues or challenges, with recommended solutions. Therapeutic  Yoga, Nutritional, and other modalities of healing are also often utilized. 

Generally the first session is spent in assessing the client's needs, identifying issues and goals, etc. The client is  then provided with information on the healing services and theory behind them, and any questions are  addressed. Possible solutions are discussed, the body's energy field may be scanned, and a healing strategy is  developed. A course of further action that is acceptable to the client is arrived at. Such a course of treatment may involve a single healing modality or a combination of two or more. Some actual practice of healing may be  performed too during the first session. 

In future sessions, the healing course previously agreed upon is implemented in full.

How long is a healing session?

Healing sessions can run from 1 to 1½ hours. 


How much does it cost for healing services?

Healing sessions are usually $150 per session. Costs may vary depending upon the specific services to be  provided.


Is Energy Healing the same as hands-on healing?

Hands-on healing employs some of the same principles but the energy healing Arun provides does not involve  physical contact.


Can sessions be provided in other locations such as homes, hospices, hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes, etc.?

Yes. Such sessions are certainly possible, as long as these institutions have no objection. There may be an additional travel cost involved if these locations are more than a reasonable distance from the office.


Are any of these healing modalities faith-based?

No, they are not. These forms are healing are independent of any faith or religion. However, it has been Arun's  experience that those who practice religious or spiritual disciplines find the effects of their practices enhanced  after receiving treatments.


How will these treatments affect the standard medical treatment I receive?

Holistic Life Coaching, Energy Healing, Stress Management and Therapeutic Yoga treatments are all  complementary to standard medical and psychiatric care. You are urged to continue seeing your doctor(s) 

regularly and follow his/her directions. As you start to feel better your doctor may need to make adjustments to  medications and dosages. Please make your doctor aware of the alternative healing treatments you are  receiving. If requested, Arun can provide your doctor with details as to the healing practices and their perceivable effects.


Is there any diagnosis done during healing?

Arun does not perform any diagnosis of ailments of any variety, physical, mental or emotional. While there may  be some intuitive insights into a person's health and other issues, all diagnoses should be performed by your  doctor or other licensed medical practitioner.


Is yoga effective for weight loss?

Yes. There are certain yoga practices which can be used specifically for weight loss purposes. Generally though, Yoga practices are geared towards optimum overall health, so practicing yoga on a daily basis will automatically effectuate weight loss in overweight people.

I'm not flexible so how can I do the intricate postures in Yoga?

There is unfortunately this misconception that one needs to have an extremely flexible body to practice Yoga. It is just not true. Everyone can practice Yoga and enjoy its vast benefits even if you don't have a flexible body. With regular practice one does become more flexible.


What is the difference between Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga?

Therapeutic Yoga is the application of Yoga principles in postures, breathing, etc., towards healing specific ailments and diseases. For eg. for diabetics, there are several postures and other techniques which can be utilized for helping to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Similarly, various components of yoga are very helpful for people suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, depression, and so on.


Are there any side-effects?

No. But one should be aware that in some cases there may be a release of toxins and pent-up emotions. There may a brief period of soreness in the muscles for those receiving Therapeutic Yoga and Stress Management treatments.


Is there any scientific basis for these types of healing?

There is some data to support the basis of Energy Healing, although it is not well known. The Research page provides links to some of this data. There is also a vast amount of anecdotal evidence. But more research in this area would be most welcome.

Yoga has been studied to some extent in the West for the last 30-40 years seriously. Hence there is much supporting evidence related to Yoga and its benefits for treating all kinds of ailments and diseases, including stress.


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