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Understanding Health

Muscular and joint stiffness, lack of flexibility, pain, inflammation, etc. are conventionally treated as purely physical issues impacting our musculoskeletal system. However, from a holistic perspective, there is more going on than just what is experienced on a physical level. On a deeper level, mentally, emotionally and energetically,  these all are indicators of a lack of openness, fear, and insecurity. These symptoms are signals that one must change, not be afraid of change, not be afraid of others, deal with their own sense of inadequacy and insecurity.


Prostate issues, again though treated almost exclusively on the physical level, are indicators that one feels a severe lack of purpose and meaning in one's life; one is stuck with experiences that do not align with one's identity, lack of development, and often musculoskeletal issues as well.


These are just a couple of examples of how multidimensional health really is.


If we consider health to just be a physical factor, this totally denies the fact that we experience life on five levels at all times:


  • Physical

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Energetic

  • Spiritual


All of these levels operate together, are interconnected. An imbalance in one level can stimulate imbalance in one or more of the other levels as well. Hence health is a multidimensional process. By stimulating and enhancing how one level behaves, for example the energetic level, beneficial changes can be created in the physical level. When each level is functioning optimally, there is harmony between all of the levels.


Therefore, treating health issues only from a purely physical standpoint doesn't fully heal diseases and ailments. Medications and other treatments are certainly helpful with reducing and even eliminating pain and various symptoms, also with restoring some quality of life, but a complete cure is not possible. The allied mental, emotional, and energetic issues get suppressed at best. If is often seen that these issues create other health-related problems, perhaps in the physical body or mentally and emotionally.


So what are the factors for good overall health?


  • Good nutrition, suitable to individual needs and likes

  • Physical exercise

  • Rest and relaxation, high quality sleep

  • Stress management

  • High quality breathing

  • Letting go of past issues, hurt, pain, trauma, and the like

  • Activities that reflect what is important to oneself and what is not

  • Making choices from a place of authenticity

  • Fun, enjoying what the Universe has to offer and what relates to us

  • A healthy sex-life

  • Good relationships with partners, family and friends, and in the workplace; not being overly concerned with others' opinions; not being overly involved in others' lives or vice versa.

  • Spiritual practices for those who are spiritually inclined


Ultimately all health issues, whichever level they manifest on, are states of energetic imbalance. Energetic imbalances are of three types: depletion, congestion, and issues with energy channels and chakras.


With most ailments and diseases energy flow is hampered, interrupted in certain places where a blockage or congestion develops gradually, often over a few years. Excessive energy in one area results in other areas being depleted. 


Such is the case with diabetes: flow to the pancreas is reduced, energy depletion occurs, and the organ malfunctions. Of course, this process isn't restricted to the pancreas alone. Other factors are also at play, affecting certain hormones and enzymes, creating toxicity, and many other factors, each of these a result of some energetic imbalance. When a tipping point is reached with all of these factors, the physical onset of diabetes comes to our attention. But the disease itself has taken a long time for manifestation. Treating diabetes now with Metformin, insulin, or other medications, while very useful and even necessary, doesn't fix the energetic flow and consequent imbalances. Even with the blood sugar levels controlled, damage is occurring in many parts of the body. It becomes necessary with this one-dimensional approach to continue with medication, and perhaps, other physically based treatments for one's whole life.


In a similar way, with all ailments and diseases, the usual interventions of medications, surgery, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, etc., are grossly inadequate in healing and providing a cure. While they do help with symptomatic relief and improving quality of life, a comprehensive treatment strategy is required which considers all five levels of our beingness.


Why do such energetic imbalances occur? They stem from the health factors listed above. As we pay attention to these factors, and make the requisite changes, we can make great progress in restoring energetic balance, and optimizing energy flow. Changes also occur concurrently in the other levels. Each beneficial change stimulates healthful changes in the other levels leading to a cascading effect of healing and optimization across all of the five levels.


Addressing health in this manner has yielded great results with most of the people I have had the privilege of working with. A caveat: great dedication with complete commitment to one's own well-being is required. This commitment includes making lifestyle changes and effecting new choices proactively.


An approach to good health that considers all of the five levels of our beingness creates harmony. A higher quality of life is experienced almost as a side-effect!





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