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Meet Arun

Born in India, the son of a senior Indian government official, Arun was blessed with a powerful, natural inclination toward healing and spirituality. It was many years before he realized that most other people did not see colorful auras and feel the energetic presence of both animate and inanimate objects. However, unwell children and adults alike were drawn to him and expressed feeling renewed, emotionally and physically when around him.

Although participating in all “normal” activities like other children, Arun was also powerfully drawn to spirituality and had several experiences in expanded consciousness throughout his childhood and teen years. Growing up both in the United States and India, and eventually settling in the Los Angeles area in his twenties, led Arun to appreciate and integrate both of these diverse cultures. He has always been driven by a passionate desire to serve others, and to have a role in helping to evolve humanity towards its potential of greatness.

At the age of 24, Arun was working in the travel industry when he suffered a debilitating back injury causing him to become bedridden for weeks at a time. After years of unending pain and having exhausted Western medical treatment options, Arun was advised to seek a cure at the healing facility Swami Vivekananda Yoga Kendra in India. It was at the ashram that Arun was approached by a research team to participate in the study of Pranic
energy healing and he began his education in Therapeutic Yoga, Ayurveda, nutrition, and various healing modalities. Soon he was able to walk normally again. Upon returning to America, Arun continued working in information technology, on a career path that ultimately led to business ownership and automation consulting, but he was feeling very drawn towards alternative healing and continued to develop his spirituality.

By means of repayment for all the wonderful healing he received and learned, Arun started to offer energy healing to family and friends. A decade passed and Arun met two yogis who noticed his energy awareness and healing abilities and mentored him in the healing art of Reiki as well as other healing modalities. Before long, Arun left the corporate world to serve as a full-time Alternative Healing Practitioner and to share his spiritual knowledge. Because of his extensive background working in various business environments, Arun has found success in serving hundreds of people through healing physical, mental and emotional disorders, and sharing his workable spiritual principles and stress management techniques through lectures and workshops with top-level executives, entrepreneurs, middle management teams and even entire companies.

Arun is presently working on a book on spiritual development.

Arun lectures regularly on Spirituality for the public, and in private settings by invitation.

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