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Spiritual Development

This is a planet of over 7 billion Gods, most asleep to their true transcendent, magnificent innate nature. If we were to embrace who we really are, wow, what this world would be!

Arun was born into a family that traces its lineage back thousands of years to the age of the Vedas. His ancestors were priests and teachers; in the recent past, they served the Maharaja of Mysore and his family.

Arun's guru is Sri Banamali Lahiry, the great-grandson of Sri Lahiri Mahasaya, a direct disciple of the exalted Babaji of the Himalayas (referenced in the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahamsa Yogananda).

From his early childhood, Arun felt a very strong spiritual inclination which has shaped his life to the present day. He felt drawn to scriptures from all spiritual traditions around the world and by the age of 15 had read most of these major texts. Prior to meeting his guru in 1990 (at the age of 27), Arun was blessed to receive experiential guidance from spiritually advanced practitioners including some genuine masters.


Babaji of the Himalayas


Sri Lahiri Mahasaya


Sri Banamali Lahiry

For Arun, any spirituality that is not practically usable in daily life is mostly an intellectual exercise and is often dangerous in fostering ego activity and illusions of growth. With this premise in mind, Arun has applied the fruits of his spiritual advancement to all aspects of his life and has benefited greatly over the years. It is this knowledge that Arun shares with all of this clients. Arun does not see himself as a master or a guru, but rather as one who is walking the same path as others and can offer useful tips and insights.

Arun works with individuals and small groups to assist them in their own spiritual development. Starting with an examination of the core principles of true spirituality, Arun guides his clients to utilize spiritual concepts in practical ways that will most benefit them in their everyday circumstances as well as in life in general.
Individualized teaching allows his clients to enhance their personal advancement in mental and emotional management, relationships, career and business, and other areas of their lives. Questions as to the true nature of reality and oneself are often explored and efforts are made in the discovery and living of one's life purpose.

Arun teaches various spiritual practices, specific to the individual needs of each of his clients, to advance their personal development. These practices may include breathing, meditation, visualization, and various other helpful tools to assist in one's personal and spiritual growth. Issues that come up are dealt with together with complete respect for the client's individuality and specific life circumstances.

Arun’s clients come from all walks of life, ranging from those just getting started on their spiritual journeys to highly advanced practitioners, from young people struggling with finding their calling in the workforce to senior corporate executives of various companies keen on bringing spiritual principles to the workplace.

Arun is presently working on a book on spirituality slated to be released next year.


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